EV charger electric vehicle B&B

Wolsey Lodges with EV chargers

Most Wolsey Lodges have off-road private parking as well as an outdoor socket, which means it’s easy to trickle-charge your EV while you enjoy a good nights’ sleep. But a number of B&Bs have already installed dedicated EV chargers, allowing Electric Vehicle owners to charge up quickly and easily. Here is a roundup of those lodges where you can charge your car fast.

Autumn leaves

Wolsey Lodges for Autumn colours

There’s something about Autumn that feels almost magical. The sight of leaves changing colours – the warm golds and browns on the trees and the ground – is one to look forward to. But where are the best places to enjoy the spectacle from a UK or Irish Wolsey Lodges B&B this year?

Evening meal feature pasta dine at Wolsey Lodges

Haute cuisine or simple supper? Three Wolsey Lodges where you sleep – and dine

These days many B&B guests prefer to dine where they sleep rather than heading out to eat in the evening. Many Wolsey Lodges have risen to this challenge, with more than half our members offering evening meals on request. The meals to expect are as diverse as our lodges. Read on for a snapshot of three different lodges – and the very different approaches they have to making sure their guests are perfectly fed.

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