The Wolsey Lodge badge is a sign of quintessential excellence, and staying in one of our lodges is an experience not to be missed.

All of our lodges are unique and have their own style, but there is one resounding theme across all Wolsey Lodges and that is generous hospitality.

Being a Wolsey Lodge means that our lodge owners are a part of our non-profit membership, and to attain the Wolsey badge, they must live up to certain expectations of excellence, and show off their little piece of England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland at its best.

We want our guests to leave our lodges having had a comfortable stay, enjoyed warm hospitality and discovered more about the local area. This is the criteria that gives a lodge the Wolsey badge of honour.

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Tregoose bed and breakfast cornwall garden view
Tregoose B&B
College Farm, Norfolk
College Farm, Thetford

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