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Wolsey Lodges B&Bs for UK literary breaks

There’s nothing like curling up with a good book to make the most of a winter evening. But this is also a great time to explore Britain’s cultural heritage: to visit the homes of the country’s famous authors, explore literary locations and forage cult bookshops for collectibles. 

Win a two-night stay at The 25 Boutique B&B

Win the Wolsey Lodges prize for January. This is a two-night weekday stay for two at The 25 Boutique B&B in Torquay, a newly-renovated Victorian villa on the English Riviera that breathes new life into the B&B concept.

Win a two-night stay at Breedon Hall

Win Wolsey Lodges’ prize for November. This is a two-night stay for two at Breedon Hall, a Grade II listed Georgian manor house near Melbourne and Ashby de la Zouch.

Wolsey Lodges for heavenly house parties

Wolsey Lodges B&Bs are particularly good at meetings: families reuniting, friends renewing distant friendships or special-interest groups such as classic car enthusiasts, artists, rambling groups or even tour groups. Almost all Wolsey Lodges will take whole-house bookings and many can also lay on celebratory meals.

Wolsey Lodges B&Bs for Autumn colours

Autumn is a great time to take a B&B break with Wolsey Lodges. Landscapes across Britain and Ireland are transformed, as greens give way to a dramatic palette of browns, reds and golds, shrouded by morning mists and gently cooling temperatures.

Hospitality for horses: Wolsey Lodges with stables

There are several Wolsey Lodges with resident horses, enough land for cross-country hacks and occasionally stabling so riders can bring their own mounts. These are the lodges that provide hospitality for horses.

Wolsey Lodges B&Bs: perfect for Beach Breaks

A few nights at a Bed and Breakfast near the coast isn’t always considered as an option, but actually it makes a lot of sense. You can book a few nights at a B&B at short notice, timing it for as long as the good weather is expected to last, and if you pick a B&B close to the coast you can time your travel to avoid the heavy traffic.

Escape to the Country in a Wolsey Lodge B&B

The longest day approaches so this is the time to head out to the countryside and explore the varied landscapes of the UK and Ireland. Many Wolsey Lodges B&Bs are set in rural locations and a lot of them also have beautiful gardens of their own: these are a few Lodges perfectly suited to a summer getaway. 

Wolsey Lodge B&Bs for grand reunions

A luxury B&B – especially one that can also provide other meals – can be the perfect solution for family reunions. These are some of the Wolsey Lodges who love getting house parties together, allowing old friends to get together and families bond across the generations.

Wolsey Lodges’ B&Bs for families: across the generations

Convention says that B&B accommodation doesn’t work for families. But Wolsey Lodge owners tend to be hospitable souls and are more than happy to wheel out trundle beds or unfold travel cots. And even if the main B&B isn’t really geared up for children, often they have self-contained options that will work better.

New Wolsey Lodges B&Bs for 2022

2021 started out badly for UK hospitality, but rapidly recovered as the year went on. Wolsey Lodges continued to extend its coverage. New properties vary in size, style and location – but they all share that Wolsey Lodges’ welcome. These are the lodges who joined Wolsey Lodges association of premium B&Bs and are new for 2022.

What makes a Wolsey Lodge B&B?

It’s not easy to define what makes a Wolsey Lodge B&B. They’re as varied and distinctive as the owners themselves. What makes a Wolsey Lodge is subtle, and most easily demonstrated through a sample of member lodges.


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