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Working together

One of the first things to know about Wolsey Lodges is that it is owned by the lodge members and run as a non-profit membership organisation. Wolsey Lodges has a primary goal of creating a collection of the best places to stay in the UK and Ireland.

Wolsey Lodges, both the properties and the organisation is steeped in history. Visiting the UK and Ireland is an exciting prospect for many, and choosing Wolsey Lodges as your base for exploring is a great choice if you really want to make the most of your trip.

The Wolsey Lodge properties and their owners are quintessential of a travel experience on our shores. Often working together, they make exploring all parts of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland a real experience and taste of local life.

Our History

Wolsey Lodges began as a concept, mapped out by the founder Procter Naylor.

He felt that an Englishman’s home, with its grandeur and rural splendour, had more to offer than just B&B: it could be an experience. Guests were welcomed as if family and friends, wined and dined with like-minded company, be it with the host themselves or other guests.

The name Wolsey Lodge was inspired by Henry VIII’s Lord Chancellor, Cardinal Wolsey. He toured the realm in the 16th Century, during which he received generous hospitality at country houses along his way.

Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s Wolsey Lodges reached a great popularity with an international audience across the UK and Europe.

To this day, Wolsey Lodges continues to source the finest lodgings and hosts. All are evaluated before full membership is offered, to ensure quality, service and accommodation that our loyal guests have come to associate with the brand.

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