Wolsey Lodge B&Bs for grand reunions

Temple House, Sligo

A luxury B&B – especially one that can also provide other meals – can be the perfect solution for grand reunions. These are some of the Wolsey Lodges who love getting house parties together, allowing old friends to get together and families bond across the generations.

Crow Leasow B&B, near Ludlow

Crow Leasow B&B house
Crow Leasow B&B

At Crow Leasow Sally Kellard says ‘It’s something we used to do when I was a child. The whole family would go off, take a house near Upton on Severn, and the catering would all be taken care of while we took a holiday.

“It’s something you get in France with the fully-catered chalets in the Alps, but strangely not here. Crow Leasow comes alive when it’s full of family so I love to host reunions, whether it’s three or four generations of one family spending some quality time together, or groups of friends that have been separated by geography and want to meet up on common ground.

Crow Leasow B&B guest Dining room
Crow Leasow

“We have three guest bedrooms so can comfortably sleep six, but of course there are trundle beds and cots that can add extra accommodation. There’s a four-poster that is perfect for grandparents and a suite which has a spare brass bed and sofabed for a few children: this is ideal as it also has a bathtub. Then our third bedroom can be either a twin or a king-size, depending on what is needed.

“Hotels are too formal to work for reunions of friends or bringing generations together, but in the UK the alternative seems to be self-catering. This means someone’s got to shop, cook, wash up and clean. This doesn’t spell ‘relaxing’ to me.

“I think that as we come out of the Pandemic people are realising that time spent with loved ones is actually important. At Crow Leasow you get breakfast – of course – but we can also provide lunches and evening meals. This leaves you free to explore the lovely Shropshire countryside and Ludlow, three miles up the road. If you’re planning a reunion just call and we can discuss what’s required.”

Temple House B&B, County Sligo

Temple House B&B Exterior
Temple House B&B

For larger parties it’s hard to match Temple House in County Sligo. This grand country estate has been in the same family for 350 years and is built for entertaining on a grand scale. The main house sleeps 20 as well as plenty of children: as the owner Roderick Perceval points out “the bedrooms are all huge so it’s easy to add beds. We’ve also got a separate house in the grounds that will sleep another eight. The main dining table seats 30 and we have catered for up to 100 for some major events.

“Dining at Temple House is always quite an event. There’s an honesty bar so drinks in the morning room can be followed by meals that suit your requirements: two courses, three or four can all be arranged.

Dining Table
Temple House

“Temple House is perfect for special events. Birthdays, anniversaries; whatever you want to celebrate that’s what we’re here for. We’ve just had a hen party – which we approached with some trepidation – but we draw the line at stag parties.

“Getting to Temple House is easier than you might imagine. Knock Airport is half an hour away by car and there are plenty of flights. If you’re planning a reunion we love hosting them and you can be sure it will be something no-one will forget.”

One problem with events is that it’s hard to predict when the whole property might be available for an exclusive booking. Very usefully Temple House has a page on its website that gives this specific information, making it easy to plan. Check it out here.

Tir y Coed B&B, Conwy

Tir y Coed B&B, Conwy
Tir y Coed B&B

Since the pandemic Tir Y Coed has specialised in whole-house bookings, making it ideal for reunions of up to 12 guests. You’ve a choice here: you can opt to be fully catered or – after a short guide showing you how to work the professional kitchen – make your own meals.

Or you can blend the two: your host, Sandra Baddely, was a food stylist and recipe author in London, and loves to plan and prepare statement meals. For daily excursions the World Heritage town of Conwy is four miles away, it’s a five-minute walk to the village pub and the property is actually within Snowdonia National Park so there are longer walks from the door.

Tir y Coed bed and breakfast
Tir Y Coed

These are just some of the Wolsey Lodges that are perfect for reunions: there are of course more. Many Wolsey Lodges have the space, the facilities, and the enthusiasm to make any congregation something to celebrate. Take a look at the range of our lodges and choose the property that is most suitable for your upcoming pretext for a grand reunion.

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