Wolsey Lodges B&Bs for sporting summer breaks

Croquet set

Not all of us have the time or the space to maintain sporting facilities at home. Croquet lawns, swimming pools and tennis courts all require a huge amount of care – far more than most of us can provide. Many Wolsey Lodges Bed and breakfasts, on the other hand, often offer one or more of these sporting options – nearly half our lodges provide croquet facilities – and the intimate surroundings that let you relax into taking full advantage. At a Wolsey Lodge B&B, for instance, you’re likely  to be able to borrow glasses to mix a summer Pimms – and a shady garden to help you enjoy it.

Wolsey Lodges B&B croquet setB&B accommodation can offer unique advantages for sporting breaks that other lodging options may not provide. Firstly, they often offer a cosy and intimate atmosphere, allowing you to relax and unwind after a day of physical activity – or to gear up for your next burst of friendly competition. Unlike larger hotels, B&Bs typically have fewer guests, which means more personalised attention and often a quieter environment.

While a large hotel might provide tennis courts these tend  to be in banks of tarmac, offering none of the privacy that may be required by people playing their first game of tennis in years. Most Wolsey Lodges tennis courts are grass, sheltered and private: perfect places for moderate players to conjure up a rally without any prying eyes.

The same goes for swimming pools. In hotels you’ll rarely have the pool to yourself: some even sell day tickets, attracting a new range of strangers. Not at Wolsey Lodges. At a Wolsey Lodge B&B you’re almost bound to have the pool to yourself: few other guests will even pack their swimming trunks.

Beacon Hill House B&B, Benenden, Kent
Beacon Hall House pool

Many Wolsey Lodges B&Bs are located in scenic areas, such as countryside retreats or charming coastal villages, providing easy access to outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, or water sports, and quite a few even provide stabling should you decide to explore on horseback. This proximity to nature enhances the overall sporting experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in your surroundings and explore new grounds.

Moreover, B&B hosts are often passionate about their local area and can provide valuable insights and recommendations for nearby sports facilities, trails, or events. This local knowledge can be invaluable for those looking to make the most of their sporting break and discover hidden gems off the beaten path.

Finally, the delicious homemade breakfasts served at B&Bs are a highlight for many guests. A nutritious and hearty meal in the morning is an essential start to any athletic day. Plus, the communal dining experience available at some Wolsey Lodges B&Bs can foster a sense of camaraderie among guests, creating opportunities to connect with fellow sports enthusiasts and share experiences.

In summary, the cozy atmosphere, scenic locations, local expertise, and delicious breakfasts make bed and breakfast accommodations an excellent choice for sporting breaks, providing you with everything you need for a memorable and fulfilling experience.

Bossington Hall Bed and Breakfast
Bossington Hall’s tennis court

Best of all, it’s easy to use the Wolsey Lodges website to search out  those lodges with the facilities you need. Just click ‘Search’ and then ‘Search by Facilities’ – then you can search by your chosen sport.

Now is the time to plan your Summer of Sport.

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