Hadrians Wall

Midland Meanders

The landscapes of the Midlands are widely celebrated – and rightly so. There are also some brilliant Wolsey Lodges in the region, brimming with character and offering the warmest of welcomes to all visiting walkers. Start, perhaps, with Horseshoe Cottage Farm, a delightful property set in rural Leicestershire within easy reach of East Midlands Airport. […]

Southern Strolls

Southern Strolls

England’s mellow southern heartlands have plenty to offer walkers – and a number of Wolsey Lodges to make the experience perfect. Start, perhaps, with an unexpected choice: North Walls House in central Chichester. This is an elegant city-centre residence, a smoothly sophisticated base from which to experience several walks exploring various parts of the coast […]

Greenhill House B&B garden in winter

Festive fun across the UK and Ireland

There’s some compensation with the shortening days as Christmas Markets and festive fun arrive in towns and cities across the UK. The shopping is only part of the experience: it’s a chance to brighten up the gloom with festive lights, the scent of gluhwein and smoke from roasting chestnuts. At Wolsey Lodges your hosts will always know […]

Uplands House Evening Meals

Evening meals to celebrate

For many of our guests evening meals are all part of the attraction of a Wolsey Lodge. They appreciate not having to go out looking for restaurants when often there’s even better food available at their lodge. Many of our hosts are qualified and professional chefs, just not rushing around in a busy restaurant kitchen. […]


Wolsey Lodges for Autumn

The distinctive B&Bs that form the Wolsey Lodge association are perfect bases from which to experience Britain’s Autumn colours. Some have spreading grounds that provide a private palette, while others are near to National Parks, regal estates or National Trust land. Best of all, you’ll have the inside information of your hosts, whose local knowledge […]

Scottish Summer

Scoot North for a Scottish Summer

Endless summer days make Scotland best for summer Traditionally getting to Scotland involves a drive – and often quite a long one – albeit a pretty memorable road trip. But as flights and car hire drop in price air travel is increasingly an affordable and easy option. Inverness Airport is expanding fast. It’s modern, well-organised […]

Elm Grove Country House B&B aerial

Wolsey Lodges with Tennis Courts

While Wimbledon’s on tennis grips the nation, and many dream of breaking out their racquets and playing a game or two themselves. Not on some rented court, with better players on every side, grudgingly returning balls that go astray. What you want is your own court, in a country-house setting, where you can get together […]

Wolsey lodges with swimming pools

Wolsey Lodges with Swimming Pools

Having your own swimming pool at home is often way too much hassle.  There’s an ideal solution though. Let others do the work. Several Wolsey Lodges have swimming pools: visit in summer and you can take full advantage. Best of all, the Lodge owners are invariably as intensely proud of their pool as they are […]


Leisure in Leicestershire

Planning on a visit to Leicestershire? Linda of Horseshoe Cottage Farm, shares her favourite attractions she recommends to her guests … Leicestershire has been in and out of the news these past 5 years, first, the discovery of Richard III (minus his feet) under a car park, followed by Leicester City FC being crowned Premier […]

Local Amenities

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