Save Money on your Summer Staycation

West Stow Breakfast save money on your summer staycation

So lockdown has finished and you are on Google looking to save money on your Summer staycation. You have found the perfect location, something luxurious, a little bit special and very different.

Perhaps an award-winning Wolsey Lodges property offering the best bed and breakfast in the country?

Google keeps telling you the best deal is here and shows you the best rates are online on a booking platform. Online booking agencies and review sites show you a confusing range of prices from agencies you have never even heard of before.

Barclay Farmhouse wineBut what does this mean for you? How do you know you have got the best deal? Does the best deal mean just the best price or maybe a free upgrade, late check-out?

Save Money on your Summer Staycation by comparing Online

Enter the savvy traveller – they do their homework online and then go direct to the Lodges own website to book the best rates direct and save money at the same time.

This works because every Wolsey Lodges property is a small owner-run business.

Unlike the large multi-national online booking agencies they do not have large sums of money to spend on marketing however, they can offer generous discounts and extra benefits such as upgrades, afternoon tea, and maybe even include a surprise!

When a Lodge receives a booking via an international online travel agency that Lodge pays a large commission on the total price of your reservation.Burnville House B&B guest bedroom

You do not see that commission as it is included in the price you pay but the net cost of your booking is greatly reduced to the property.

So To Save Money on your Summer Staycation Check Online.

Online travel agencies spend significant sums of money promoting the bookable properties they offer and consequently they expect to earn it back.

Entrance hallAt the same time, they ask properties to discount their rates so they look to make the rates look attractive to you the guest.

This is why it pays to compare to the Lodges own website. Inevitably you will the same room is cheaper when booked direct.

Of course for many people, these agencies are invaluable as they know they have in one location all the information they need for all their reservations. Likewise, they may get their loyalty benefits from using these agencies such as VIP perks or free nights away.

However, for you booking directly with your Lodge of choice, you will find you can receive a discount which can vary from 10 -15% for the same room or the even same price for a better room.

Not only that you will get noticed for booking direct and your reservation greatly appreciated for the fact there is no commission to be paid.

Which means that if for any reason rooms have to be moved which guest is going to get the room upgrade? The guest with the booking requiring the large commission payment or the guest with the booking that needs no commission payment.

West Stow BreakfastThere is no prize for guessing the right answer here but there might be a better room involved!

So Top Tip Save Money on your Summer Staycation by contacting the Lodge directly.

Therefore this Summer if you want to save money on your staycation the answer is to book direct on the Lodges’ own website or pick up the phone and call the Lodge directly to find out what their best deal for you is.

Entrance hallRest assured this is going to be less than the best rates or best deals you have been assured of.  Booking direct with the property means you create that win-win situation where both parties achieve a deal that works for them.

And then of course there is the experience that cannot have a value placed on it – stay at a Wolsey Lodge, make friends with the owners, get the insider track on where to go and what to see and have a truly unique experience.

Graham & Sheena Thompson

Your hosts here are Graham and Sheena Thompson, who spent three years renovating Blervie House to provide 21st Century comforts while retaining its period charm. Both have Scottish origins and enjoy welcoming guests into their home and introducing them to this stunning - and little-known - part of the UK. Breakfast includes specialities such as Sheena's homemade granola, and there's the option of adding haggis to your cooked breakfast as you sit looking out over deer and red squirrels that play in the garden. The dining room can also host lavish banquets for special occasions.

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