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The Steriloc range of automatic touch free hand sanitisers offer an efficient, effective, robust and environmentally friendly solution to ensure that all guests follow mandatory hand sanitisation protocols to protect guests and staff alike. The units are made in Britain using precision workmanship.

Benefits of the Steriloc Shield are:

  • easy install – provided with a wall mounting bracket or optional freestanding pedestal stand. A unit can be installed at any entrance
  • weatherproof – the unit can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • personalise – the units can be branded in your companies colours or branding
  • secure – you can be confident that access is only gained once both hands have been sanitised when linked to a door access system. Steriloc can ensure mandatory user compliance
  • cost effective – each dispense can cost less than 1p. The lockable unit also prevents sanitiser theft
  • environmentally friendly – precision dosing ensures less waste use. There is no need for paper towels and no plastic bottle waste.
  • Quick – can sanitise up to 30 people a minute, and provide up to 5000 dispenses between refills

Offer: 15% discount from our RRP and for the first 50 orders we would offer free delivery. Members should quote discount code wolsey15

Contact:, 07809 337393;

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FabLittleBags are here to help to reduce blockages and save the rivers and oceans from pollution. Finally an easy discreet hygienic way for your guests to dispose of used tampons, pads, liners, condoms. Made from sustainable plants and recycled material FabLittleBags come in either room packs or with dispenser. Multi award winning design and loved by users and the environment!

Offer: Special 15% off first order offer to all Wolsey Lodge members*; simply apply the code WL15 at checkout on our b2b website:


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