How to process a Wolsey Lodges Voucher


wolsey lodge voucher imageThere are over £16,000 worth of Wolsey Lodges Vouchers circulating, still waiting to be redeemed.

To process a voucher: Guests should specify when they book that they will be paying with vouchers but whether they warn you or not the process is the same. When you come to take payment;

  • simply photograph or scan in the voucher(s)
  • clearly showing the serial number(s) and the name of your lodge and email the image(s) to Ros at for immediate redemption.

Partial use of voucher value:

Confusion can arise when guests want to use some – but not all – of the voucher to pay for accommodation. Here a trusty ballpoint pen is your friend. Simply write on the voucher how much the guest wishes to redeem and how much remains unused. However much is being redeemed clearly show your lodge name so Ros knows who to credit.

The more vouchers in circulation the better. These will encourage new and existing clients to discover the Wolsey Lodge experience.

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